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Whether you're looking for the best deal on a DirecTV or DISH Network Satellite TV system, or just want to find out what's new and improved, SatelliteTV Smarts gives you the facts before you buy. Spend a few minutes with us, and you'll be armed with the knowledge to make intelligent, cost saving decisions about satellite TV.

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DirecTV (Direct TV) became the Nation's first Digital Satellite TV provider with the launch of their first satellite in December of 1993. Satellite TV would quickly become one of the best selling products in history. Since its introduction, the tiny 18" dish has revolutionized the way millions of us watch television.

Currently there are two major providers of Satellite TV in the United States, DirecTV (Hughes) and DISH Network (Echostar). Originally, Satellite's claim to fame was its crystal clear digital picture and sound, but today Satellite's attributes extend even further. Unlike cable, DirecTV and DISH Network are available to everyone in the United States, and their program packages are cheaper and better than most cable providers. When you add it all up, Satellite TV still can't be beat.


Satellite Internet Access

The Internet is another place where Satellite technology has come of age. With DirecWay (Direct Way) Satellite Internet Service, you can enjoy a High Speed connection to the internet anywhere in the United States. It is available to virtually everyone, and because you are not tied to a cable, DirecWay is the perfect solution for your RV or Boat!




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