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Satellite DVR's

In a nutshell, a Digital Video Recorder (DVR), is the modern day equivalent of a VCR with one major difference... it does not use tape. A DVR records audio and video onto a hard drive where they are stored in digital format. DVR's take recording to a whole new level by enabling you to pause, rewind, slo-mo, and instant replay a live TV broadcast. This can be a priceless feature when watching sporting events or Pay-Per-View movies.

Please Note: DirecTV and DISH Network change their prices and promotions frequently. It is recommended that you visit one of our online dealers for up to the minute information on pricing and available promotions.


DISH Network
Additional Cost Per Month for DVR Service
Pause, Rewind, SloMo, and Instant replay of Live TV broadcasts!
Easy to use, powerful recording features let you record your favorite shows whenever they are on automatically! Even for the entire season!
No more tape! Everything is recorded digitally onto a hard drive, improving picture quality and access to recorded material.
DirecTV and Dish Network do DVR

Leave it up to DirecTV and DISH Network to take the Digital Video Recorder to a whole new level. These guys decided to stuff a DVR and satellite receiver into one box. They even went one step further and threw in an second satellite tuner so that you can watch one show while recording another.

The great news is you only get charged for one receiver even though there are two in the box! Since DirecTV and Dish Network are both digital services, the marriage of a satellite receiver and Digital Video Recorder is truly a match made in heaven. The merger of these two technologies gives you the ultimate package for watching and recording digital Satellite TV.

What's all the hype over Tivo?

Tivo leads the field in DVR technology by offering highly specialized hardware and software packages designed specifically to control a Digital Video Recorder. Although most people identify Tivo as a piece of hardware, Tivo really consists of two distinct products, the DVR and the Tivo Service. The DVR by itself is a relatively boring piece of equipment, it's the Tivo Service that makes it come to life.

Remember Tivo is only available from Tivo. Both DirecTV and DISH Network have their own DVR service which is not Tivo but will perform similar functions.



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